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Most Wanted: 6-10
The Top 10 Most Desired Cars in America.

Published 2/28/2003

6) Pontiac GTO
Certain Pontiacs continue to do well mainly the GTO that were built in the late 60's. We saw a lot of interest in these during 2002.
7) Shelby GT-500
1967 fastback is the one they want! But interest in '68's and also the GT-350 is strong.

8) Dodge Charger 500
1969 model year is the most popular one.
9) Pontiac Trans-Am
The interest in the Firebird continues to grow. Watch out for these Pontiacs, if our signals are correct these are going to take off - especially the T/A from 1977-79.
10) Cadillac Convertible
1959 and 1960 model years continue to be the most popular, but we also saw a lot of interest in the early 50's cars (1950-54).

1969 Pontiac Firebird
1970-73 Oldsmobile Cutlass
1969 Mustang Mach 1


6) Triumph TR6
The TR6 is a great sports car! Possibly a little modern or boxy for some tastes, but nevertheless it delivers everything you'd expect from a 70's British roadster. Power, solid handling, and plenty goofy grins! It's a popular model that will continue to stand the test of time - in short a solid investment.

7) Mercedes 280SL
I don't know many that would argue that all the 'pagoda-roof' Mercedes are lovely cars. Their delicate classic lines, high build quality and convertible tops make them a surefire winner. Some feel that the 230 and 250 examples are underpowered and that a manual gearbox is a must if you are to realize the cars full potential. This is why the 1970-71 280SL is the one that everyone wants and why they are worth more than their earlier siblings.
8) Austin-Healey 3000BJ8
This is another of those cars that investors can't seem to go wrong on. Ever since the prices jumped 2 years ago, buyers continue to line up to pay approx $35-40,000 for an excellent example. I have to wonder though, "Should these really be worth almost the same as a Jaguar XKE Roadster?"

Lets face it - if you think British Sports Cars you think MGB first. There will always be a market for these 'little British cars' and truly excellent examples are fetching good money from willing buyers - if you've got a good one drive it, enjoy it and hang on to it.
10) Datsun 240Z
This was not really a surprise to me, interest in these great coupes has begun to rise. It is in no doubt in part due to the launch of the 350Z, from all accounts a worthy successor. Nonetheless, there has always been a group of folks who new just how capable the early 240Z are and now it seems like the word may finally be spreading.

Maserati 3500GT
Porsche 912
Jaguar XJ S1

This article was written and composed by

Jeff Webster
Buyer Services International LLC
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