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America's Most Wanted Classic Cars!
The Top 10 Most Desired in America.

Published 2/28/2004

For three years in a row now we have kept track of exactly which types of Classic, Exotic and Specialty vehicles visitors to www.BuyClassicCars.com have been looking for. We have combined that with classics purchased through Buyer Services International LLC as well as Pre-purchase inspections that were carried out on Classic cars by Automobile Inspections, LLC. To find America's Most Wanted Classic Cars!
Using this as a basis, we added further intelligence from dealers, brokers, private sellers, and auctions houses whom we speak to almost daily to find out which vehicles that actually sold, so we could compile the third annual 'Top 10 lists' of America's Most Wanted Classic, Exotic and Specialty cars for the year 2002.

We've found that popular models have a way of reaching a saturation point in the market, from then on only the best examples fetch top dollar, and punters look to other years or makes that take their fancy. Compare this to previous years and you'll see what we mean. One other thing that shocked us was the #1 import car, and the lack of interest in early Porsches (356/911) last year. On the domestic front we found it surprising that Corvettes didn't even make the top ten ! - Check it out.

1) Chevrolet Camaro
1967-69 continue to be the years to go for - perhaps the 1969 cars a little more so. There have been a ton of these traded over the past 12 months and although interest is still strong going in to 2003, we feel that they are reaching saturation point, so be careful to really check out the car you buy thoroughly - or if you are looking for alternatives look to Pontiac Firebirds from the same years.
2) Ford Mustang
Mustangs built between 1965-1966 continue to be popular and to a lesser degree even the 1967 model year. Convertibles were naturally the main course, but interest is really growing in Fastbacks, so perhaps you should grab one whilst they are still comparatively cheap.
3) Chevrolet Impala
In 2001 these were #4 on the list, last year we saw the interest continue to grow. Cars built from 1962-65 seemed to be the most popular, especially the 1964 model year. Get 'em while they're hot!
4) Chevrolet Bel Air
Here's a good example of cars that reached saturation point in the market. An excellent '57 Bel-Air would have fetched around $35,000 a couple of years ago, now there are so many on the market you can find perfect examples for around $25,000. If you like the Bel-Air and you can see yourself hanging onto it for a while, I think these represent a good long term investment!
5) Chevrolet Chevelle
The 1967-69 Chevelle is still a favorite especially the 1969-70 year models. There are a lot bad ones out there though due to demand, so tread carefully if you're looking to add one to your collection.

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1) VW Beetle
I know this seems amazing - frankly it surprised us also, but these old beetles are getting snapped up and folks are forking over comparatively large dollars for really excellent 1969-74 examples - especially the convertibles.
2) Triumph TR3
Triumphs have always been a favorite of British sports car fans and the
TR3B is beginning to emerge as the favorite from the early years. These are a great alternative to the more common MGB and they are faster and more stylish as well!
3) Austin Mini
It's hardly surprising that with the launch of the new Mini that the originals are receiving a whole new appreciation. Genuine examples of the Austin Mini Cooper 'S' have been selling in the mid $20's!! But make sure you do your homework before you hand over the cash as fakes are almost as common as cars with four wheels.
4) Jaguar XKE
How wrong can you go with an XKE? These cars do have incredible resilience to changing economies - they represent as solid an investment as one can hope for when buying a classic car to use and enjoy. The most wanted year in the 1967 Roadster with it's Series one looks and 4.2L engine. Some examples are now selling for over $100,000!! However with the price of the early car climbing rapidly, we found a lot of interest in the Series III V12 cars built between 1970 and 1973.

5) MG TD
The MG TD does very nicely if you are into early British Sports cars. They are plentiful, comparatively cheap to buy easy to fix and have an excellent club and parts support network to boot!

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