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Escrow Services Tell the time anywhere in the world! Convert USD to any other currency! Locate a place anywhere in the world! See what others say about a business listed on this page - or post a testimonial of your own!

As people begin to conduct more high-priced transactions online, we have noticed that the demand for 'escrow' services is growing. If you are buying or selling an automobile with a stranger, you should consider ensuring the transaction by using an escrow service. These companies charge a percentage of the transaction to serve as a middleman between the buyer and seller ensuring that neither gets burned.

We have found that sellers are typically not as willing as buyers are to use these services, the stumbling block usually comes over who will pay to transport the vehicle. We suggest the buyer pays, frankly it's the only way most sellers will even consider it. For you the buyer worse case scenario, you eat the cost of transportation - perhaps as much as $3000 (delivered and returned). Yes, it's a lot of money, but it's a lot less than getting stuck with a $20,000 car that turns out to only be worth $14,000! Admittedly, on cars with values of less than $15,000 you might want to take your chances, but anything over that and 'Escrow Services' can really makes sense.

In short, here is how they work: The buyer mails the payment to the escrow service, which verifies the payment, then alerts the seller when everything checks out. At that point, the seller ships the car to the buyer (at the buyers expense). After an agreed-upon inspection period (typically 2 days after the buyer receives the merchandise), the buyer notifies the service, which prints the check and sends it to the seller.

In our continuing effort to bring you everything you need to buy a Classic or Specialty car from America, we believe that these services can only help to decrease the possibility of fraud and misrepresentation when conducting long distance purchases over the Internet.

1221 E. Dyer Rd. Suite 295
Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA
Tel: 877 372 7694
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Escrow Guardian
3748 W Edgewood
Springfield, MO 65804
Tel: 1 877 5 ESCROW
Tel: 417 766 0347
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2600 Bridge Parkway
Suite 201
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 USA
Fax: 650 413 1355
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P.O. Box 1482
McMurray, PA 15317 USA
Tel: 800 897 9770
Fax: 724 942 8296
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Fortis Escrow
Coolsingel 75
3012 AD Rotterdam
Postbus 1898
3000 BW Rotterdam
Tel: +31 10 4015856
Fax: +31 10 4016225
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