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"The dog ate my homework" may have worked once for you in school, but telling the Department of Motor Vehicles, or a US Customs official "the dog ate my Title" probably won't work!

Make no mistake, if you are contemplating buying a car from America, with no Title, and you intend to import it to your homeland, you are, at the very least, in for a severe headache!

Imagine that the United States is made up of many small countries like Europe, each country (or State) has it's own set of rules regarding the registration of a motor vehicle. In some States it is quite acceptable to transfer the ownership of a vehicle by a simple 'Bill of Sale', whilst others will never give you a license plate unless you can provide a 'clear Title document'.

Generally speaking, in most States, PRE 1967 cars with missing Titles, will be issued with a 'Registration Certificate' by the DMV, which for all intent and purposes becomes that vehicle's Title. Providing the car you want to buy, has at the very least, a 'Registration Certificate' you should have no problems getting it out of the country - but getting into yours however, may be a whole different story!


The real fun begins with cars that have been sitting in a barn for the past 30 years! These would not have been registered, and therefore would not be in the 'system' - which means that if the original Title is unavailable - there's NO paperwork! No paper work means no official proof of ownership - and no proof of ownership, means you won't get it out of the country, even if it's in boxes!

The only answer for this type of situation, is to have someone first 'create' a paper trail in the States. This means that someone who resides in America must first buy the car from the seller, thus creating a 'Bill of Sale', then they take that to the DMV and register the car, thus creating a 'Registration Certificate', they can then resell the car to you complete with official paper work!

One final hurdle you may encounter is this. Some States require the vehicle pass a safety inspection before they'll issue you with a Registration Certificate, - can you imagine having to get a vehicle that's been sitting in a barn for 30 years, in roadworthy condition at short notice!

So, think long and hard about buying a 'Barn Find' - but if you REALLY have to have it, we can suggest two things:

  1. Use a company like Buyer Services International - you are going to need all the help you an get!
  2. If not, try contacting one of these companies below to help you get a 'Title' created.
Companies that can Replace Lost Titles
The Broadway Title Company
P.O. Box 130303
Birmingham, AL 35213 USA
Tel: 205-323-3256
Fax: 205 326 1152
Goto Website Send E-mail
International Title Service
3342 S. Sandhill Road
Suite 9-445
Las Vegas, NV 89121 USA
Tel: 702 456 4027
Fax: 702 456 4040
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Florida Fast Title
6718 N. Nebraska Ave
Tampa, FL 33604 USA
Tel: 813 237 5805
Fax: 813 237 5709
Goto Website Send E-mail
Maine-ly Titles, Inc.
P.O. Box 1189
Bangor, ME 04402 USA
Tel: 877 886 8848
Fax: 207 989 5770
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