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America's Most Wanted Classic Cars for 2001!
The Top 10 Most Desired in America.

Published 1/17/2002

Over the past year we once again kept track of exactly which types of Classic, Exotic and Specialty vehicles visitors to www.BuyClassicCars.com have been looking for. We combined that with classics purchased through Buyer Services International as well as Pre-purchase inspections that were carried out on Classic cars by Automobile Inspections, LLC.

Using this as a basis, we added further information from dealers, brokers, private sellers, and auctions houses on vehicles that actually sold to compile the second annual 'Top 10 lists' of Americas Most Wanted Classic, exotic and specialty cars for the year 2001. The final outcome although not too different from the previous year still bore a few surprises - take a look.

1) Ford Mustang
For the second year running Mustangs built between 1964-1970 topped the list. They were all popular, but the one everyone would like to get their hands on is the 1967 Shelby GT-500, and who says we aren't influenced by Hollywood?
2) Chevrolet Camaro
1967-69 were the big years sought after here, but what we found interesting was that it was the coupes that were in greater demand than the convertibles in 2001.
3) Chevrolet Chevelle
1970 coupe was the one folks yearned for and if it was an SS all the better!
4) Chevrolet Impala
Wow where these hot! Pick any convertible Impala from the sixties and If you were one of those lucky enough to to make a deal that put it in your garage - you can chalk 2001 as a good year for you!
5) Cadillac
Yes Cadillac! I told you last year that interest in the 'Pimpmobiles' was on the rise, and this year bore out my prediction. People seemed to be interested in almost all years of Cadillac from the forties through the seventies, just as long as the top went down - Still the strongest appeal was from the mid-late fifties.

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1) Jaguar XKE
Last year these were pipped from the post by the Porsche 356, but in 2001 they fought back. These cars do have incredible resilience to changing economies - they represent as solid an investment as one can hope for when buying a classic car to use and enjoy. The most wanted year in the 1967 Roadster with it's Series one looks and 4.2L engine. Still the earlier 3.8L cars were in demand as to a less degree were the V-12 SIII models. One thing we found interesting was the increase in interest in the early coupes, our advice is if a coupe takes your fancy, grab a good one while they still can be had for less than twenty grand.
2) Porsche 911
In 2000 911's didn't even make the top 10, but 2001 saw the 911's resurgence in the market. Most people were looking for the earliest examples (1965-74) however interest was seen across a wide range of years even as far as the mid eighties, though it was predominantly for coupes. I'm sure that renewed interest in the 911 was due in no small part to over inflated prices of the 356 putting that model out of many peoples reach.
3) Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8
This car topped the list two years ago but prices have begun to settle down a bit. Only the very best examples can command prices in the mid $30,000 region. Most excellent samples are trading for mid to upper twenties.
4) Jaguar XK 120
Of course the XK has never really dropped from favor, but was does seem to change from year to year is the appeal of one year over another. The XK140 DHC was all the rage about 6 years ago, the it was the XK140 Roadster, then the XK150 'S' were the hot ticket, and this year it seems to be the turn of the XK120. For my money, I'll take any one of them in my driveway, they are all gorgeous cars whichever way you slice 'em!
5) Triumph TR6
You know if ever the opportunity presents itself and you get a chance to drive the European 150 BHP fuel injected TR5, don't pass it up, because you would be turning down one of the greatest British 'sporting' drives there was (Pardon the bigotry ladies, but) it's a mans sports car - can you really picture cars like an Aston Martin, Jensen Interceptors or a big old Bentley 6 being driven by a women? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they aren't capable, of course the are (he says back-peddling with grace) it's just there are some sports cars that were built with men in mind. Any way my point is, I think the TR6 falls into that genre. Plenty of power, solid handling, in short a no frills British sports car. I guess some folks must agree because the interest in these cars was strong in 2001.

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