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Most Wanted: 6-10
The Top 10 Most Desired Cars in America.

Published 1/17/2002

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6) Chevrolet Corvette
We always expect to see Corvettes in the top ten and this year is no exception, but it wasn't a good year for Corvette sellers in our opinion, the market appeared to be a little soft overall. I wish I could tell that one body style was doing better than another, but it seemed that as long as it was a Corvette there was interest, perhaps more so for the decade that spaned 1965-1975.
7) Pontiac GTO
Coupes and Convertibles from 1964 through 1970 these cars were in demand in 2001
8) Chevrolet Bel Air
Of course it was the '57 two door coupe was most sought after, however all years that bore the 'Bel-Air' name seemed to be in demand.
9) Pontiac Firebird
The interest in the Firebird was strong. Granted it paled when compared to those in search of a Camaro, but still folks searched for solid mid to late seventies Trans Ams and hunted convertible firebirds from the late sixties.
10)Plymouth Barracuda & 'Cuda
We put these two together as we saw a good amount of interest in both of them, however it was coupes from the 1969-71 model years that people wanted most.
Chevrolet El Camino
Pontiac Star Chief
Dodge Charger


Last spring at an auction in Arizona, an 1967 MG BGT (that's the coupe) was bid to $22,000 before it was removed from the block incredibly UNSOLD! The seller had this notion that the restored vehicle was worth at least $3000 more. Me and a lot of other folk firmly believed he had totally lost his marbles as he ended up trailering the car back to California after the event. I have yet to see an MGB roadster worth $25,000 much less a coupe, but perhaps times are a changing as demand for these 'little British cars' seems unwavering.
7) Triumph Spitfire
This was a surprise! It's nice to see these cars beginning to be appreciated, in production for almost two decades, the Triumph range of cars won some of the greatest motor sports events in the world. In America it's 'TR' range that folks are most familiar with, but it seems that even on this side of the pond American are realizing what Europeans have known all along, and that is that these Spitfires equal cheap top-down fun motoring!
8) MG TD
It takes a special kind of enthusiast to want a 'TD' or similar types of car from the early fifties. These are not fast cars, they are not comfortable cars, what they have that endures these masochists is a quaintness that is acutely English and a heritage that makes you feel part of something great. We found that a fair number of buyers are on the lookout for good examples of these cars.
9) Porsche 356
This car sat at the top of our list last year when demand peeked. In 2001 we still heard from buyers looking to get one in their driveway, but with the feeding frenzy over for now the prices have stabalised around $30,000 or so for excellent convertible examples and less for the coupe, with incidently where what people were looking for more.
10) Austin-Healey
The final car to make the list this year was the Austin-Healey 'Bug-eye' sprite. This one falls into the same genre as the #7 car only its cuter! They've always had their following, but perhaps this years added interest is because America has finally realized it's not all about horsepower and number of cylinders, but rather about power-to-weight. One can only hope.
Triumph TR8
Porsche 914
Mercedes 190SL

This article was written and composed by

Jeff Webster
Buyer Services International LLC

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