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New 'Retro cars' boost Classic Car values!
Is yours now worth more money?

Published 8/10/2000

Some say it was the launch of the new VW Beetle at the North American International Motor show that sparked the 'Retro revolution', others will argue that it was the Mazda Miata or possibly the MGF. One thing is for certain - people like new cars that 'look' old!

When Jaguar launched the new XJ40 1987 with its squared-off Mercedes like styling, the public shunned it, despite its technological innovations. It wasn't until they returned to a designs of their Series I that was three decades old in 1996, that it was embraced with open arms.

Without doubt it was the new VW bug that showed automakers around the world that Retro could sell, and sell big!
Plymouth said it would make a limited production run of the conceptual
Hot-Rod styled 'Prowler' due to overwhelming response from the public, it followed that up with the 'PT Cruiser' which again was never really meant to go into production, still people loved the cars that reminded them of the 'Woody wagons' and Chevy Nomads of years ago. Chrysler is not done yet, there are other models in the works, like the massive '300 Hemi C' - a big open top cruiser to appeal to lovers of the old Muscle cars.

Jaguar of course didn't stop with the XJ6 - once they realized which way the market was headed they created the XK8, the S-type and more recently the F-type as a modern version of their famous 'E'.

BMW weren't far behind, launching a modern version of their most popular sports car from the 50's, the 507. Demand is already out pacing demand for the new Z8 in Europe.

Porsche launched the hugely popular 'Boxster' with styling reminiscent of James Deans delightful Spyder from the 60's.and even Ford created a prototype for a retro looking Thunderbird that they say will never hit the streets, but don't be so sure!

So with the masses apparently growing weary of aerodynamically efficient 'jelly beans' (as my wife calls them), I couldn't help wondering if this renewed interest in 'styling' would mean increased interest in the original classics?

Well, I checked some value guides, to see which cars have increase in value over the last three months?

'66 VW Beetle up 8%
'57 Chevy Nomad Station Wagon up 5%
'59 BMW 507 Roadster up 3%
'67 Jaguar E-type Roadster up 2%
'77 XJ6 Sedan's up 5%
'63 Porsche 356 B Cabriolet up 8%
'56 Ford Thunderbird up 4%

You draw your own conclusions, it may not be scientific evidence I know, but for my money I'd say the prices were on the rise!

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